International Conference: Towards New Protections for Migrant Workers

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 13:21
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The international conference ‘Towards New Protections for Migrant Workers’ will be held at the UGR from 19 to 20 April. The event has been organised within the framework of the Doctoral Programme in Migration Studies and the Doctoral Programme in Legal Sciences. The conference will also be broadcast live via video streaming on the YouTube channel of the Institute of Migration Studies.

During the course of this two-day event, a varied range of fascinating topics will be explored, such as the challenges posed by Brexit for the free movement of workers; the environment; the economic impact of the movement of migrant Spanish workers following the 2008 financial crisis; the networks formed by Spanish migrants abroad; and social security laws applicable to Spanish emigration, among others.

Objectives of the conference:

  • To learn about current labour migration processes in Spain.

  • To critically analyse the elements involved in the protection of migrant workers and individuals accompanying them.

  • To explore social factors related to the protection of Spanish workers abroad.

  • To make proposals designed to reform the relevant regulatory and institutional frameworks, with a view to ensuring the appropriate protection of the social rights of workers involved in migration processes.

The registration form is available via the following link. Please note that the registration deadline is 18 April 2018: You can download the conference programme here (contents in Spanish).


Venue: Faculty of Labour Sciences, University of Granada.

Dates: 19-20 April 2018

Registration deadline: 18 April 2018

Event organisers: Institute for Migration Research, Faculty of Labour Sciences, R&D EsMIGRA Project.

For further information on the international conference ‘Towards New Protections for Migrant Workers’ please visit the following website (contents in Spanish):


Contact information:

  • José Antonio Fernández Avilés

          Email: @email

  • Manuela Durán Bernardino

          Email: @email