Granada Ecocampus programme in full swing (5-10 May)

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 11:18
Flowers in the botanical garden of the UGR

The 2018 spring edition of the Granada Ecocampus programme, a pioneering educational and environmental initiative that takes place throughout Andalusian universities every year, kicked off on 5 May and will run until 10 May at the University of Granada. A key aim of the programme is to increase and improve student participation in green issues and inspire them to forge long-term connections with the emerging and increasingly important eco-entrepreneurship sector.

The programme boasts an extensive and exciting range of activities, which encompass four broad strategic areas: flora, fauna, geology and marine biodiversity. In total, four full days of activities and events, including guided tours, talks, debates and outdoor workshops will be devoted to each one of these four knowledge areas.

Granada Ecocampus programme:

Participants huddled around examining fossils in the city's pavements
Participants examining fossils built into the ornamental stones that line Granada’s streets and squares


  • Saturday 5 May

Cleaning of the seabed along the coast of Granada with the University Diving Club and the CEI MAR UGR Marine Classroom.

  • Tuesday 8 May

Guided tour of the “Parque de las ciencias” Science Museum with a workshop in the Tropical Butterfly House.

  • Wednesday 9 May

Guided tour exploring the huge amount of fossils built into the fabric of the ornamental stones that line Granada’s streets and squares.

  • Thursday 9 May

Workshop on nocturnal birds with a view to teaching participants how to recognise different birdsongs and a separate guided tour of the Botanical Garden of the UGR. Participants will also have the opportunity to collectively construct shelters for hedgehogs.


Promoting environmental awareness

The UGR, as a public higher education institution, has long been aware of the fundamental importance of playing an active role in protecting natural resources and promoting environmental sustainability in Andalusia (as well as further afield). Over the last number of years the University has endeavoured to promote environmental awareness, while at the same time taking into account its own socio-environmental impact. This is reflected in its environmental policies, its commitment to cutting-edge research in environmental studies, and its engagement in initiatives such as Granada Ecocampus, all of which enable the UGR to have a considerable and positive impact on society, both locally and regionally.

The Granada Ecocampus programme is fully endorsed and supported by the Regional Ministry for the Environment and Territorial Planning (La Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio de la Junta de Andalucía) as part of a move to raise awareness about pivotal environmental issues in Andalusia. Eighty per cent of the Programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

All events held during the programme are free of charge. However, for some of the activities you may need to sign up in advance, given the limited number of available places.

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