Communiqué on the measures published in the Official Gazette of the Regional Government of Andalusia

Fri, 10/16/2020 - 09:17
The Hospital Real building

Dear University Community,

The Regional Government of Andalusia has issued, in its Official Gazette (BOJA) no. 65 (extraordinary issue), the Order of 14 October 2020, establishing specific, temporary and exceptional measures — for public health reasons and to contain Covid-19 — which are applicable to university teaching centres and university residences in Granada.

Even though the University of Granada's spaces and buildings are safe places in which all the regulations established by the health authorities are strictly adhered to, our institutional loyalty impels us to apply these measures and communicate the following information to the University community:

These specific measures are preventive, temporary and exceptional, and will be applicable for a period of 10 calendar days, coming into effect the day after the publication of this Order, that is, from 08.00 a.m. on Thursday 15 October, until Saturday 24 October (both dates inclusive).

These measures are as follows:

  1. The face-to-face (on-campus) teaching of classes is suspended for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, titulaciones propias (UGR-specific degree programmes) and continuing education and training (formación permanente). These will be replaced, where applicable, by online classes held during the established timetable.
  2. Face-to-face (on-campus) assessments and exams originally scheduled for the period during which the aforementioned order will be in force are postponed, following the instructions received.
  3. Laboratory sessions, experimental sessions, Practicums and Work Placements (on degree programmes), fieldwork, clinical placements at centres that belong to the Andalusian Public Health System and, in general, all placements considered to be irreplaceable and non-extendable shall be maintained in a face-to-face (on-site) mode.
  4. Tutorials and student support shall be provided via technological means during the established timetable.
  5. Institutional and academic events (public defences of doctoral theses, undergraduate dissertations (TFGs) and master's dissertations (TFMs); competitions for access to university teaching positions, etc.) scheduled for the period during which the aforementioned order will be in force, shall take place as planned.
  6. Federated university sports shall be maintained. Sports competitions shall be held without spectators.
  7. The following university services are suspended: General Library and libraries of the University's faculties and schools (with the exception of the book loan service, by appointment only), study rooms, university canteens (with the exception of the takeaway service for students holding the relevant grants), and cafes at university centres and buildings.
  8. University outreach activities (conferences, concerts, film clubs, workshops, group visits) are postponed. However, in line with the order, activities which do not involve crowding and which respect the established capacity may take place (access to exhibitions and Cultural Heritage Sites).
  9. Research activities shall be carried out as normal, including access to libraries (by appointment only).
  10. The activities carried out by the UGR's administrative and support staff (PAS) will not be affected by this order.

In recent months, the University of Granada has made significant investments in order to adapt its facilities to the preventive measures imposed by the health authorities and equip itself with the technical means to ensure that we can continue our teaching activities. We are grateful for both the human and material efforts made by the coordinators at our faculties and schools, by our teaching and research staff, by our administrative and support staff, and by our students, all of whom have made it possible to face this new scenario with the competence and efficacy befitting an institution of the UGR's stature.


For further information on UGR protocols and practical advice related to Covid-19, please visit:

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