Definitive Program

30'Keynote talk
10'Presentation of results
10'Conclusions and closing

* Note: The exact timetable for our workshop will be established soon by the general workshop organizers. They will assign to us one of the four blue 2-hours blocks established on the first day (Tuesday 26th of June) at the general program for IE'12 conference and workshops (which you can see at

Keynote talk
  • Towards Reliability of Intelligent Environments through Testing Services and Applications. Juan A. BOTÍA
Accepted papers
  • MidBlocks: A Supervising Middleware for Reliable Intelligent Environments. Rafael BAQUERO, José RODRIGUEZ, Sonia MENDOZA and Dominique DECOUCHANT
  • Consistency in Context-Aware Behavior: A Model Checking Approach. Davy PREUVENEERS and Yolande BERBERS
  • Using Simulation and Verification to Inform the Development of Intelligent Environments. Juan Carlos AUGUSTO and Miguel J. HORNOS
  • A Proposal for Evaluating the Privacy Management through ?Fair Trade? Metaphor. Abraham ESQUIVEL, Pablo A. HAYA and Xavier ALAMÁN
  • FollowMe: A Bigraphical Approach. Martin HENSON, James DOOLEY, Luke WHITTINGTON and Abdullah AL MALAISE AL GHAMDI

Explanation of the program

As we will only have two hours to develop all the scheduled activities, we have decided that each accepted paper will be presented through a poster and not by a traditional oral presentation with slides, in order to encourage a real interaction among participants, sharing knowledge and experiences on the workshop topics. Consequently, authors of accepted papers must prepare an A1 or A2 size poster instead of a (PowerPoint or similar program) file with slides. We also ask the participants to arrive early and place their posters on the right place (according to indications by organizers) at the very beginning (if possible, before the event starts).

There will be only an oral presentation with slides, the keynote talk. After that, a debate and discussion among all the attendees will be focused on identifying challenges in the areas covered by the workshop, linking them to the contents of the keynote and accepted papers, with the aim of trying to propose how the achievements of each work can benefit others and establish a real sense of community interested in addressing the current challenges in such areas. Attendees will be also invited to propose other topics they like to be discussed in this activity.

The PDF files of the papers accepted as well as the abstract of the keynote talk have been placed in a folder (called WoRIE'12) in Dropbox. This folder have been shared among all the participants, with the aim to facilitate their previous reading, and thus to take advantage of the time available for fruitful discussing during the meeting.