Projekt Monika
Cross-linguistic research
into derivational networks

(Project leader: UPJS)
                     University of Granada

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FAQs (updated 12/05/17)  


Work area (downloads; also available on the FAQs page)Core vocabulary (opens as .xlsx file)

Semantic categories (update) (opens as .xlsx file)  

Danišovce Workshop summary (opens as .docx file)  

Calculation of the Maximum Derivational Networks and Saturation Values (opens as .pdf file)  

Example: adjective warm (opens as .xlsx file)  

Maximum Derivational Network (opens as .xlsx file)  

Language-specific chapters and recommended tables (opens as .pdf file)  

Chapter layout (opens as .xlsx file)  

Combining forms (opens as .pdf file)  

Spreadsheet for calculations (revised 03/07/17, opens as .xlsx file)

Spreadsheet user's manual (opens as .pdf file)

Danišovce Workshop Workshop 27-29 April, 2017, Danišovce: preparations

Workshop 27-29 April, 2017, Danišovce: summary  

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