EU-Young and Mobile Workshops

Since 2010, the European Research Councils supports an annual workshop on varying outstanding topics in Mathematics, where a limited number of young researchers across the European Union can lecture about their progresses in problems related to the topic to which the workshop is devoted. These young researchers will be selected by their own countries. Additionally, the organization will invite a number of senior experts in the field to give plenary lectures.

2011 topic: Geometric Analysis

In recent years, there has been an increasing mathematical interest in the interaction between Differential Geometry and Partial Differential Equations. This interaction is comprised by a branch of Mathematics called Geometric Analysis, which covers different topics like geometric PDEs, calculus of variations, submanifold theory, Riemannian and simplectic geometry, geometric flows, spectral geometry, isoperimetric problems and others. Different problems coming from areas apparently far apart have been solved by application of tools in Geometric Analysis: among others, we can mention the solution by R. Schoen and S. T. Yau of the positive mass conjecture, and the more recent positive answer to the Poincaré conjecture by G. Perelman.


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