Workshop on Geometry of Interfaces and Capillarity

Granada, Spain, June 25-27, 2012



List of plenary lectures and talks

Brinkmann, Martin Continuous morphological transitions of droplets wetting stripes and rings (PL)
Brubaker, Nicholas Electro-capillarity problems motivated by microelectromechanical systems (T)
Choksi,  Rustum On Minimizing Interfaces for a Variational Problem with Long-Range Interactions (PL)
Enache, Cristian Minimum principles and geometric a priori bounds for some capillary problems in the plane (T)
Finn, Robert Mutual attractions between floating bodies: an idealized case (PL)
Grinfeld, Pavel Dynamic fluid film equations: capillarity and inertia (T)
Kaufmann, Birgit (Non) commutative geometry of wire network graphs from triply periodic CMC surfaces (T)
Koiso, Miyuki Geometry of isoperimetric-type problems modeled on interfaces on micrometre scale (T)
Lancaster, Kirk Boundary behavior of PMC surfaces: the Concus-Finn Conjecture (T)
Lipowsky, Reinhard  Morphology of interfaces and membranes (PL)
Manyuhina, Oksana Symmetry breaking in self-assembled spherical vesicles (T)
McCuan, John The stability of cylindrical pendant drops and soap films (PL)
Miersemann, Erich On stability of liquid layers on solid materials (T)
Morgan, Frank Isoperimetric Problem with Density (T)
Palmer, Bennett Free Boundary Problems with Anisotropic Surface Energies (PL)
Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel New advances in the measurement of the most-stable contact angle (T)
Seemann, Ralf  Liquid morphologies and their manipulation in solid and elastic grooved substrates (PL)
Stannarius, Ralf Smectic free-standing films (T)
Veneroni, Marco On minimizers of Helfrich energy for two-phase biomembranes (T)
Vogel, Tom Liquid bridges between balls: the small volume instability (T)
Wente, Henry Bifurcation and Symmetry-breaking for Problems in Capillary Theory (PL)

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