DentalPrint is a software program for the computer-based identification of bite marks. It allows the generation of comparison overlays from a 3D model of the suspect's teeth in an accurate and objective way. DentalPrint was developed at the University of Granada (Spain).


DentalPrint's features include:


Below are some screenshots of the DentalPrint application:

The working environmentOpenGL 3D renderingPeak calculationDetailed output reports

You can click on each of the images to open a window with a larger version.

System Requirements

DentalPrint 2.0 requires Windows 98 or newer. It has been successfully tested on Windows 98 and Windows XP.


The latest version of DentalPrint is 2.0.

To facilitate the exploration of the program's features, we provide the following example files with practical cases:


In addition to a possible online help system included in the DentalPrint distribution, a copy of the user manual can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.16 MB).


DentalPrint was developed as a part of coordinated action ACC-286-CVI-2001 between the Department of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Odontology and the Software Engineering Department of the University of Granada (Spain).

The software was written by Carlos Javier Ogayar Anguita, M.Eng.

The researchers involved in this project are:

DentalPrint is discussed in the following scientific publications:

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