Meeting of the Catalan, Spanish, Swedish Math Societies (CAT-SP-SW-MATH)
Umeå 2017-06-12

Special session “Numerical Semigroups and Applications” (#5)

Tuesday, June 13th

Chair Shalom Eliahou

14:00 Lance Bryant, Shippensburg University, The Graphic Structure of a Numerical Semigroup

14:30 Laura Tozzo, Università di Genova, Good semigroups of

15:00 Philipp Korell, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Quasihomogeneous Semigroups

Chair Juan Ignacio García-García

16:00 Julio J. Moyano-Fernández, University Jaume I of Castellón, Forgetting variables of Poincaré series associated with curve singularities

16:30 José Ignacio Farrán Martín, Unversidad de Valladolid, Feng-Rao distances in Arf semigroups

17:00 Olav Geil, Ålborg Universitet, A Gröbner basis approach for counting rational places in algebraic function fields

17:30 Evelia García Barroso, Universidad de La Laguna, On the intersection multiplicity of plane branches

Wednesday, June 14th

Chair Olav Geil

14:00 Shalom Eliahou, Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, A graph-theoretic approach to Wilf’s conjecture

14:30 Juan Ignacio García García, Universidad de Cádiz, An extension of Wilf's conjecture to affine semigroups

15:00 Manuel Delgado, Universidade do Porto, Revisiting the problem of counting numerical semigroups by genus

Chair José Ignacio Farrán

16:00 Francisco Aguiló-Gost, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, An efficient algorithm for computing denumerants in numerical –semigroups

16:30 María Ángeles Moreno-Frías, Universidad de Cádiz, Bounds to compute elements in a numerical semigroup with factorizations of the same length

17:00 Maria Bras-Amorós, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Numerical semigroups in musical data

Thursday, June 15th

Chair Evelia García Barroso

14:00 Dumitru Stamate, University of Bucharest, Trace ideals and nearly Gorenstein semigroups

14:30 Tran Do Minh Chau, Thai Nguyen University of Education, Sally modules of canonical ideals in dimension one and 2-AGL rings

15:00 Paul Baginski, Fairfield University, Elasticity and Factorization in Numerical Semigroup Rings

Chair Julio J. Moyano-Fernández

16:00 Francesco Strazzanti, Universidad de Sevilla, Numerical duplication and its associated graded ring

16:30 Dario Spirito, Università di Roma Tre, Star operations and shapes of the set of non-divisorial ideals

17:00 Do Van Kien, Hanoi Pedagogical University , Pseudo-Frobenius numbers and the generation of the defining ideal