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Rafael Navajas-Pérez, PhD [rnavajas at ugr dot es]


Graduate in Biological Sciences (2001), European PhD with distinction, both at the Universtiy of Granada. Fulbright Postdoc Researcher at the University of Georgia in Athens, USA (2006-2008). Postdoc and Ramón y Cajal Researcher (tenure track position) at the University of Granada (2009-present). Research stays at the University of Leicester and at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

My main research line seeks to develop molecular markers to improve plant crops (papaya, pistachio) and flatfishes aquaculture improvement (turbot and sole). As a whole, I'm interested in the evolution of repeated DNA and, in particular, in its role on sex-chromosomes evolution, another main line of my research. I teach in the degrees of Biology and Biochemistry, and in the master's degree in Genetics and Evolution. I like talking about science popularization. I study languages and I'm a translator apprentice.