FRANCISCO J del CORRAL | reciclajeurbano



Architect, School of Architecture, Madrid. PhD Architect, University of Granada. Invited professor by the universities of Athens, Ciudad de Guatemala, Venice, Madrid, Aleppo, Rio de Janeiro and Rome. Speaker at several international congresses. Researcher, and architect in practice since 1998. He has received several national and international prizes and its work has been regularly published. He has also participated in some drawing and graphic work exhibitions. Researching about water and using it as a creative matter in a sustainable way is one of his main goals and fields of interest. He has developed research projects and built landscapes where water is the main and essential element. Recently he has created the firm WaterScales which involves all these aims. He has recently published the books “Water, Essence of space in the work of Carlo Scarpa”, 2013, and “Burle Marx, water landscapes”, 2015.