Lectures in conferences


[38] 4th Croatian Conference on Geometry and Graphics Vodnjan (Peroj), September 2-6, 2018 (Plenary Invited lecturer, opening lecture)

[37] Construction of new minimal surfaces in Euclidean space (plenary speaker).  International Conference on Applied and Pure Mathematics. Iasi, Rumanía.  November, 2-5, 2017

[36] Construction of new minimal and maximal surfaces: the Björling problem and duality. Fall Central Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society. Denton, Texas, Estados Unidos. September, 9-10, 2017

[35] Construction of maximal surfaces via Björling formula. 15th International Geometry Symposium. 3-6 julio, 2017. Amasya, Turquía

[34] New and many examples of minimal surfaces (plenary speaker). 2 días de análisis geométrico en IEMath-Gr. Granada, España. 1-2 junio de 2017

[33] New examples of minimal surfaces. Invited speaker. PNU Math Forum 2016, Busan, Korea, December 1-3, 2016

[32] Stability analysis of a capillary fluid on an infinite cylinder. Invited speaker. Geometric inequalities on Riemannian manifolds and related topics, Busan, November 23-25 November, Busan, Korea

[31] Stability and bifurcation of a capillary fluid on an infinite cylinder. Special session on Applied Partial Differential Equations in Fluids and Materials. VI Iberian Mathematical Meeting. Santiago de Compostela, Spain, October, 6-8, 2016.

[30] Existence of spacelike graphs of constant mean curvature in the steady state space. GeLoMa 2016. VIII International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry. Málaga, Spain. September 20-23, 2016.

[29] Constant mean curvature surfaces in the steady state space. 7th European Congress of Mathematics. July 18-22, 2016, Berlin, Germany.

[28] Capillary Surfaces Modeling Liquid Drops on Wetting Phenomena. Plenary speaker. The Role and Importance of Mathematics in Innovation. Kyushu University. Fukuoka, Japan. October 26-30, 2015.

[27] Capillary surfaces in Euclidean space. Asymptotic Problems: Elliptic and Parabolic Issues. Vilnius, Lituania. June, 1-5, 2015.

[26] Convexidad de las soluciones espaciales de la ecuación de curvatura media constante en el espacio de Lorentz-Minkowski (póster), Congreso de la RSME2015, February 2-6, 2015, Granada.

[25] Taller de pompas de jabón: una aproximación a la Geometría diferencial, Congreso de la RSME2015, February 4, 2015, Granada.

[24] Capillary surfaces in Euclidean space.  International Congress of Mathematicians, Seoul, Korea, August 18, 2014

[23] Morphological wetting transitions in striped patterns and bifurcations phenomena (poster). Third Workshop on Advances in Colloidal Materials, Granada, October 25, 2013.

[22] Experimentos con pompas de jabón: una aproximación a la Geometría. (opening plenary lecture) XIV Congreso de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de las Matemáticas. Málaga, España. July 4, 2012

[21] Geometry of interfaces in striped patterns and bifurcation of cylinders.
Escola de Verao de Geometria e Topologia – 2012. Sao Carlos. Brasil. January 30-February 3, 2012.

[20] An abrupt transtition on interfacial phenomena in striped patterns: bifurcating cylinders, Conference on Geometry of Interfaces. Primosten, Croatia. October 3, 2011.

[19] Surfaces with constant mean curvature in Sol geometry. Differential Geometry and its Applications. Brno. República Checa. August 27-31, 2010

[18] Spacelike surfaces in Minkowski space whose principal curvatures satisfy the relation a k1 + b k2 = c. Lectures on Lorentzian Geometry. Granada, February, 8-11, 2010.

[17] Stationary rotating surfaces in Euclidean space.  Invited speaker. II Encontro Paulista de Geometria, Sao Carlos, Brasil, February 11, 2009.

[16] Linear Weingarten surfaces in Euclidean and hyperbolic space,  XV Escola de Geometria Diferencial Fortaleza Brasil, July 14-18, 2009.

[15] Parabolic surfaces in hyperbolic space with constant curvature, PADGE2007, Bruselas, April, 10-13, 2007.  

[14] Stationary surfaces in L3, IV International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry, Santiago de Compostela,  February, 5-8, 2007.

[13] Capillary strips in a gravitational field (Poster), International Seminar of Applied Geometry in Andalusia, Granada, September, 4-8, 2006.

[12] Liquid channels under the effect of the gravity, International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid, August, 22-30, 2006.

[11]  Liquid channels under the effect of the gravity, International Conference on Global Differential Geometry, Munster, August, 14-19, 2006.

[10] Capillary liquid channels under the effect of the gravity, Lehigh University Geometry and Topology Conference, Lehigh, June, 8-10, 2006.

[9] Stationary surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski space, Differential Geometry and Physics, August 29, September 2, Budapest, 2005.

[8] Estimates of the area for spacelike surfaces with constant mean curvature, The 24th Winter School Geometry and Physics, January 17-24, 2004, Srni, Czech Republic.

[7] The Dirichlet problem of the mean curvature equation for unbounded domains, Harmonic maps, minimal surfaces and geometric flows, July 8-12, 2002, University of Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France.

[6] How to use MATHEMATICA to find cyclic surfaces of constant curvature in Lorentz-Minkowski space. International Congress on Differential Geometry in memory of Alfred Gray. Bilbao. 2000.

[5] Riemann-type surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space L3. Alhambra 2000: a Joint Mathematical European-Arabic Conference. Granada. 2000.

[4] Cyclic hypersurfaces of constant curvature. Minimal surfaces, Geometric analysis and Symplectic Geometry. John Hopkins University. Baltimore. 1999.

[3] On uniqueness of constant mean curvarture surfaces with planar boundary. Conference on Differential Geometry. Budapest (Hungria). 1996.

[2] Surfaces of constant mean curvature with planar boundary. International Conference on Differential Geometry. Brasil. 1996 

[1] Constant mean curvature surfaces with boundary. Burlington Mathfest (Special Session: Soap Bubble Geometry). 1995