Trekking. One of my major hobbies is the mountain. I enjoy so much pratice  trekking (but no climbing). In general, I like those places without people neither noise. I have walked for (almost) all places in La Alfaguara-Sierra Arana and a great part of Sierra Nevada (both sides and Granada-Almería)

I have also visited other places at Spain:  Cordillera Cantábrica (Somiedo, Babia, Ubiña...),  Burgos-La Rioja, Pirineos (Navarra, Huesca), Monfragüe, Gredos, Guadarrama, Soria, Málaga, Cabo de Gata...

Mountain bike. Usually, I bike alone, but sometimes I embedded with the Great Bulle team because they are great! I recommend his web page (the link BC)

Running. I also like practice running. During 2008, I participated in Gran Premio de Fondo de la Diputación . My usual time (in an official race) is 4' 45'' per kilometer, independently of the distance course

Radio. Usually and evreday: Cadena Ser, all programs (Hoy por hoy, La ventana, and specially Hora 25).

Music. Different likes. But if someone asks me "what is your favourite singer? alway, Joan Manuel Serrat . Others: Amaral, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Silvio Rodríguez, Amaia Montero, Laura Pausini, Bob Dylan, El sueño de morfeo.

Reading. Ana María Matute (almost all titles), Carmen Martín Gaite (almost all titles), and Julio Llamazares (many books). Also. Antonio Machado, Aleixandre, J. R. Jiménez, G. Diego,...

Also books on actual events and politics. 

Newspapers: El País, everyday many times (by internet)