Ramón Cobo-Reyes Cano                             Dpto. de Teoría e Historia Económica

  Assistant Professor                                             Universidad de Granada

                                                                                                         Campus la Cartuja s/n                               

                                                                                                         E-18011 Granada                                      


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Teaching| Research interests| Publications| Submitted papers | Work in progress    


Teaching (academic year 2009/2010)

·          Microeconomics I

·          Economic Programming

Research interests

·          Social networks.

·          Experimental Economics: Individual Decision Making, Social Preferences, Coordination Games.



  • Altruism in the Social Network” American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings 887, 2006 (with P. Brañas-Garza, M.P. Espinosa, N. Jiménez & G. Ponti). (pdf)
  • “Si él lo necesita: gypsy fairness in Vallecas” Experimental Economics, 9, 2006, 253-264. (with P. Brañas-Garza and Almudena Domínguez) (abstract)
  • “An Investment Game with third party intervention” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 68(1): 18-28, 2008(with G. Charness & N. Jiménez). (abstract)
  • “Are women expected to be more generous?” Experimental Economics, in press (with F. Aguiar, P. Brañas-Garza, N. Jiménez & L. Miller). (abstract)
  • “Altruism and Social Integration” Games and Economic Behavior, in press (with P. Brañas-Garza, M.P. Espinosa, R. Cobo-Reyes, J. Kovarik & G. Ponti).


Submitted papers

  • “The dark side of friendship: envy” (with N. Jiménez).
  • Eliciting Social Networks: an Experimental Approach” (with P. Brañas-Garza, R. Cobo-Reyes & G. Ponti).


Work in Progress

  •  “Opportunistic Behavior in Punishment: An Experimental Study”, 2008, (with N. Jiménez, J. Kovarick & A. Solano-García).
  • “Relational contracts in the Labor Market”, 2008, (with N. Jiménez, J.A. Lacomba & F. Lagos).
  • “The hidden cost of control: comment”, 2010, (with G. Charness, N. Jiménez, J.A. Lacomba & F. Lagos).
  • “Endogenous Group Formation with heterogeneous agents in the Public Good Game”, 2010, (with G. Charness & N. Jiménez).
  • “Intrinsic motivation: a field experiment”, 2010, (with G. Charness & N. Jiménez).