Porta Linguarum, issue 29, January 2018



Introduction (Marisa Pérez Cañado)



-      Learning Outcomes in CLIL Programmes: A Comparison of Results between Urban and Rural Environments, VÍCTOR PAVÓN VÁZQUEZ.

-      A Comparison of Students’ Educational Achievement across Programmes and School Types with and without CLIL Provision, DANIEL MADRID and ELVIRA BARRIOS.

-      CLIL and Educational Level: A Longitudinal Study on the Impact of CLIL on Language Outcomes, MARÍA LUISA PÉREZ CAÑADO.

-      Are CLIL Students More Motivated? An Analysis of Affective Factors and their Relation to Language Attainment, MACARENA NAVARRO PABLO and EDUARDO GARCÍA JIMÉNEZ.

-      Extramural Exposure and Language Attainment: The Examination of Input-Related Variables in CLIL Programmes, NINA KAREN LANCASTER.

-      Socioeconomic Status and its Impact on Language and Content Attainment in CLIL Contexts, DIEGO J. RASCÓN MORENO and CARMEN M. BRETONES CALLEJAS.

-      Students’ Perspectives on CLIL Programme Development: A Quantitative Analysis, GINA LOUISE OXBROW.

-      Teacher Perspectives on CLIL Implementation: A Within-Group Comparison of Key Variables, MARÍA DOLORES MILLA LARA and ANTONIO VICENTE CASAS PEDROSA.

-      Parent Perspectives on CLIL Implementation: Which Variables Make a Difference? JUAN RÁEZ-PADILLA.


Afterword (David Marsh)

Backcover: List of financing institutions