My name is Manuel de Pinedo.                                                VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA

I have been a research fellow at the Departamento de Filosofía I, Universidad de Granada, within the "Ramón y Cajal" programme, Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología. After that, my university offered me a permanent job under the I3 programme.

After studying philosophy in Granada, I moved to Ireland, to Galway, where I did all sorts of things and an M.Phil in UCG. From there I went to Brighton, south of England, where I wrote my D.Phil. dissertation at the School of Cognitive and Computing Scineces, Sussex University, under Margaret Boden's official and Murali Ramachandran's effective supervision. I was lucky enough to meet, among others, Hilan Bensusan and Jason Noble, with whom I am still colaborating.

Philosophy of mind, of language and of thought, as well as epistemology, are my areas of specialization. I am also interested on the philosophy of cognitive science, ethics and history of philosophy.


TeC (Work in Progress Seminar)



No one lives on philosophy alone, even those of us that make a living with philosophy.

I enjoy music, cinema, swimming, sports and friends.

I also suffer all sorts of lovely animals.


Politics and newspapers take a lot of my time.

I don't like the state protecting me from myself.

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