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ECRO XXII, will be held in Leuven, Belgium, 26-29 August 2013.

Prof. Jan Bureš passed away on 24, August, 2012, in Prague at the age of 86. Jan Bureš and his wife Olga Burešova devoted their lives to research on the neurobiology of learning and memory and they were leading the European research on the brain mechanisms of conditioned taste aversion (CTA) for decades. Our group maintained a fruitful collaboration with Jan and other members of his group. Those of us working on taste aversion are indebted to their seminal work.

Jan Bureš obituary by Milagros Gallo at ECRO Newsletter, 2012, 84, 25.

Neuroscience and Behavior societies

European Brain and Behavior Society (EBBS)

European Chemoreception Research Organisation (ECRO)

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Caltech µMRI Atlas of Mouse Development: an interactive 3D atlas. 2004.

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