The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a number of young researchers and introduce them to a research topic through several introductory talks followed by specific lectures concerning the topic under study: the misterious field with one element and the different notions of algebraic geometry developed over it.


Everybody is welcome to attend, and young researchers, master students, phd students and postdocs are specially encouraged to do so. If you are interested on participating, send a message to one of the organizers to get further information.

When and where?

The workshop will take place at the Faculty of Sciences in the University of Granada, during November 23, 24 and 25.

How to get to the conference room

The lectures will take place on the "Seminario" (Seminar Room) of the "Centro de Instrumentación Científica" (Scientific Instruments Center) located in a different building. Here is how to arrive from the Math Department to the CIC building:


Lectures will be given by the following people:


The workshop will be divided in two parts. During the first day there will be three general introductory lectures dealing with some of the material that will be used in the next days. The will be three lectures of one hour and a haf each, on the following topics:

  1. Categories and homotopy theory (by Peter Arndt and Snigdhayan Mahanta),
  2. Algebraic Geometry (by Javier López Peña and Florian marty),
  3. Number theory and motives (by Oliver Lorscheid and Jorge Plazas Vargas)
During the second and third days the following lectures will take place:


Monday 23

Tuesday 24

Wednesday 25

Travel information

By plane

Granada's Airport is quite a small one, there are a few direct flights from Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Bologna and Milan-Bergamo in Italy, or London Stansted, Liverpool, and Est Midlands in the UK. If you are coming by plane from a different city, the closest big airports are Malaga and Madrid. Below you can find some information on how to arrive to Granada from these cities.

By train or bus

In southern Spain buses are usually cheaper and faster than trains. If you prefer using the train you can check the schedules in the website of Renfe, the Spanish train company.

Malaga is fewer than 150 km away from Granada. From the Pablo Picasso Airport you can easily reach the bus an train stations of the city either takin a cab outside the airport (it takes about 20 minutes to reach the city center from the airport, depending on the traffic) or by taking the urban bus number 19, that stops both besides the train station and inside the bus station. This local bus ticket costs around 1 euro, and the trip takes around half an hour. The bus is the cheapest and fastest way to go from Malaga to Granada. Once in the bus station, find the "ALSA/Alsina Graells" selling point and buy your ticket there. Usually you can find buses between the two cities every hour. A one-way ticket costs around 10 euro.

Bus connections between Madrid and Granada are frequent and cheap. A one-way ticket costs around 15 euro. In order to travel to Granada by bus you must go to either "Avenida de America" or "Estación Sur (Mendez Alvaro)" bus stations, the bus company that sells the bus tickets is called "ALSA".

More information about buses prices and timetables can be found at the website of the bus company ALSA.


Further information

If you want to know more about the event, funding, accommodation or any related topic, contact one of the organizers: