The Laboratory of Visual Sciences and Applications (Optics Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Granada , Spain ) arose from research on Refractive Surgery beginning in 1999. The Head of the laboratory is Rosario González Anera ( Also research in the field of binocular vision and stereopsis developed previously is assumed by this laboratory.

The investigation of the Laboratory of Visual Sciences and Applications includes a basic part (physiological optics, cornea models, FDTD (finite-difference time domain) applied to Vision, fundamentals of refractive surgery and binocular vision, physical aspects of corneal ablation) as well as an applied part. The latter field includes studies on visual quality in ARMD (age-related macular degeneration), refractive surgery, traffic and vision and intraocular lenses.

Different members of the laboratory and, in collaboration with the Optics Department, have also worked in different projects of university cooperation in the different countries: Ecuador, Burkina Faso and Morocco.

Postal address: Departamento de Óptica. Edificio Mecenas. Universidad de Granada. Granada 18071. Spain.