Research Group on PDE's
in Kinetic Theory, Quantum-Kinetics,
Fluid Mechanics and Developmental Biology


‹‹‹‹   Preprints

A. Aguirre-Tamaral, M. Cambón, D. Poyato, J. Soler, I. Guerrero, A guidance model predicting the role of Ihog-glypicans interaction in cytoneme orientation for Hedgehog signaling, preprint

M.A. Alejo, J.L. López, Modeling chemotaxis with nonstandard production/degradation mechanisms from Doebner-Goldin theory: existence of solitary waves, to appear in Physica D.

M.Arias, J.Campos, Traveling waves for a Fisher-type reaction-diffusion equation with a flux in divergence form, preprint arXiv:2112.15406

N. Bellomo, N. Outada, J. Soler, Y. Tao, M. Winkler, Chemotaxis and Cross-diffusion Models in Complex Environments: Models and Analytic Problems Towards a Multiscale Vision. preprint

D. Bresch, P.-E. Jabin, J. Soler, A new approach to the mean-field limit of Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equations, preprint arXiv:2112.15406

M.J. Cáceres, A. Ramos-Lora, An understanding of the physical solutions and the blow-up phenomenon for Nonlinear Noisy Leaky Integrate and Fire neuronal models, to appear in Communications in Computational Physics ArXiv:2011.05860

V. Calvez, T. Lepoutre, D. Poyato , Ergodicity of the Fisher infinitesimal model with quadratic selection, preprint. arXiv:2107.00383

M. Cambón, O. Sánchez, Thermodynamic modelling of transcriptional control: a sensitivity analysis, preprint.

J. Campos, C. García, J. Soler, Kinks and solitons in linear and nonlinear-diffusion Keller-Segel type models with logarithmic sensitivity,

J.A. Cañizo, P. Gabriel, H. Yoldas, Spectral gap for the growth-fragmentation equation via Harris's Theorem, ArXiv:2004.08343

C. García, Vortex patches choreography for active scalar equations, preprint. arXiv:2010.07361

P.-E. Jabin, D. Poyato, J. Soler,, Mean field limit of non-exchangeable systems, preprint. arXiv:2112.15406

J.L. López, On nonstandard chemotactic dynamics with logistic growth induced by a modified complex Ginzburg-Landau equation, preprint.

J. Morales, D. Poyato, On the trend to global equilibrium for Kuramoto Oscillators, preprint. ArXiv:1908.07657

D. Poyato, Filippov flows and mean-field limits in the kinetic singular Kuramoto model, preprint. ArXiv:1903.01305

O. Sánchez, B. Ruiz-Granados, J. Calvo, J. Méndez-Abreu, On degeneracy analysis via separable parameter space dimension reduction: Application on galaxy components modelling, preprint.