Associate Professor
Department of Optics
Granada (SPAIN)
















José Ramón Jiménez, with a degree in Physical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences, is currently an Associate Professor in the Optics Department of the University of Granada ( Spain ). Although he has taught different courses in the area of Optics, he currently teaches Binocular Vision ( School of Optics and Optometry) and Laser and Non-linear Optics (Physics Graduates). He began his research in the field of Color Vision and Colorimetry in 1990, writing his Ph.D. thesis on Stereopsis and Color in 1994 under supervison of professors Luis Jiménez del Barco and Manuel Rubiño. In the same year (April-June) he visited the University de Texas at Austin to work with professor Wilson S. Geisler.

At present, he carries out all his research within the Laboratory of Visual Sciences and Applications of the University of Granada ( Spain ). He is the Head of this Laboratory.