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  Inclusion Based Learning Research (RBL) as pedagogical practice in the design of graduate programs in Ecuador. Preparation of a proposal
   Mónica Peñaherrera León, Katherine Chiluiza García, Ana Mª Ortiz Colón

The proposal presented on designing courses for graduate programs has an axis of strong research training and every component of this proposal has been designed considering the strategy of Research-Based Learning (ABI), so that at the end of the student a graduate program, it possesses the skills to investigate and be able to solve new situations in their area of expertise and beyond. (Read more)

  A didactic experience of application of a new method to listen to the music of the 21st century
   Ana Mª Tornos Culleré, Pilar Lago Castro

This article explores the possibility of taking a didactic approach that takes as a starting point harmonies of the 21st century and that consequently raises the teenagers' interest and enables them to feel appreciation for the diverse range of music of today's world. It focuses in the description of the didactic experience of applying a new methodological model of music listening created in the framework of an action research project, which showed promising results. (Read more)

  Evaluation of the impact of training in the health sector
   Pilar Pineda-Herrero, María Victoria Moreno Andrés, María del Mar Duran-Bellonch

The impact of training refers to the effects generated by training in the organization. In this paper we present a research on the impact of several training programs framed in a Training Plan on Rational Use of Medicines in the region of Catalonia (in the northeast of Spain), where almost 3000 health professionals participated. (Read more)

  Development of intercultural competences in teacher training in Andalucía
   Victoria Figueredo Canosa, Luis Ortiz Jiménez

In modern societies the teacher must acquire through training processes intercultural skills that enable them to develop their professional work effectively. This article describes a quantitative research conducted in Andalusia in order to identify intercultural skills acquired by teachers in primary education through the training process. (Read more)

  Special Issue, 2014 "Gender and Citizenship"
   Francisco Díaz Rosas (Coordinator)

Download Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, Special Issue completely. (Read more)

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