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Study of school education networks in Andalusia (Spain): key to analysis from the evaluation of teachers centers´ advisors

Elena Hernández, M. José Navarro, Antonia López, Rosario Ordoñez

   Universidad de Sevilla, España

Every school constitutes a singular case when it comes to changes and improvements as each of them belongs to a social and cultural context with their own idiosyncrasy and needs. This article aims to study 12 in depth a research on educative networks organized in groups of teachers, focusing on its origin, structure, resources, organization and impact. The process of data gathering has followed a descriptivenarrative methodology, based on a qualitative research, and using a questionnaire for advisors in Teachers Centers within Seville, where they inform about the benefits of networking. The results of the analysis show that the development and setting of these networks occur in response to both the need of support that teachers are sometimes missing in their professional day to day; and the requirements of the regional inspection service of education, Servicio de Inspección Educativa, in order to cope with basic difficulties that may arise in the teaching-learning process, such as the reading and writing learning process or the improvement of the coexistence within the educational community. Feedback from this research proves the impact that the networking procedures have had in the educational community and centers, as well as its positive results and improvements in their development.

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