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 Special Issue (next appearance) “Gender and Citizenship”   

Coordinador Dr. Francisco Díaz Rosas, Investigador del Grupo Labosfor, UGR
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 Special Issue (next appearance) “Creativity in art teaching”   

Coordinator: Dra. Ana Lucía Frega, Departamento Artes Musicales y sonoras, IUNA; Buenos Aires
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  Last Articles
  The student’s attitude towards tutoring and the teacher’s attributes to be a tutor at elementary technical schools in the State of Tlaxcala
   Manuel Camacho Higareda

In this paper we study the positions that a group of teachers, from three Technical Elementary Schools from Tlaxcala, show towards the tutoring system implemented within the framework of the Comprehensive Reform of Elementary Education (RIEB) in Mexico, 2006. We take verbal speech produced along three focus group sessions as the object of analysis. (Read more)

  Special Issue, 2014 “Creativity in art teaching”” - Full magazine
   Ana Lucía Frega (Coordinator)

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  Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, Vol. 4 - Full magazine

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  Glance crossed on the teaching practices in change. Editorial. Journal for Educators, Teachers and Trainers, Vol. 4
   Emmanuelle Leclercq

A new delivery of the number of the review Newspaper off educators, Teachers and trainers is always awaited because the review crosses sets of themes and analyses of various international contexts, always enthralling with regard to the changes of the teaching world. This number holds all its promises particularly. (Read more)

  Study on writing difficulties in students of last year of basic education in the municipality of Vila Verde (Braga, Portugal)
   Maria da Conceição Afonso Rebelo, José María Sola Reche

This research work aims to identify the main writing difficulties of students who complete the first cycle of basic education in the public schools of the municipality of Vila Verde, Braga. Specifically, we focus on the performance of fourth graders in terms of their characteristics and levels of writing, as well as difficulties in writing, dictation, and narrative and expository texts. (Read more)

  Early school leaving in a multicultural context. Analysis of the causes of social and professional agents involved
   Inmaculada Alemany Arrebola, Gloria Rojas Ruiz, Miguel Ángel Gallardo Vigil, Sebastián Sánchez Fernández

This study early school has started from the concept used by the European Union in the report "Education System and Human Capital" (2009) as well as that established by the Appraisal Institute of the Ministry of Education (2007) in the PISA 2006 and applied to the context of the City of Melilla. Research has focused on young people between 16 and 24 years of Melilla population that leave the educational system without obtaining sufficient academic qualifications to gain access to a skilled labor market. (Read more)

  Curricular tutoring in Mexican elementary school. An analysis of teachersʼ perspective
   Mariela Sonia Jiménez-Vásquez, Manuel Camacho Higareda

This research report derives from an institutional project, funded by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). We analyze the implementation of the tutoring system as a curricular innovation in elementary education (Middle School) in Mexico. Tutoring is in fact implemented in 2006 on the basis of a previous subject named “Orientation and Tutoring”. It is considered as an academic strategy for accompanying the students along their education process in order to improve its quality and the learning outcomes. (Read more)

  Last Abstracts & Papers
  Discussion and proposal of use of qualitative tools of data collection for the analysis of violent behavior in the penitentiary environment from a multidisciplinary perspective
   Meriem Khaled

This Masterʼs Thesis addresses the tools definition to collect and analyze the relevant information to research in prisons, from a cross-sector point of view, aimed to prevent and predict violent behavior in prisonʼs environment. Taking as starting point several qualitative methods, we discuss the suitability of them and we propose using biographical narrative method as the proper one for capturing relevant information about prison organization, inmates and professionals working in that context. (Read more)

  Training for volunteers at the University of Granada
   Albina Khasanzyanova

The present work should be treated as a "progress report" prior to the comparative study that the author has been developing in her master's degree program about the training for university students volunteers in various countries in Europe. The present report describes the case of the University of Granada, including in this overview of the history of Granada institution, foundations and frames that will generate, in the subsequent thesis, the relevant comparative analysis. (Read more)

  Last Reviews
  La educación de los jóvenes. Una tarea social compartida (Reflexiones en voz alta de un educador en lo extremo)
   Emilio Calatayud

It's becoming increasingly frequent hearing assertions such as "don't touch me or I'll sue you", "don't look me in the eyes", "don't go through my drawers", "don't read my mail", "don't listen to my conversations", "don't touch my hard drive", "because I'll sue you". And many parents live under the menace of "or I'll sue you" (page 65), and after these statements we may ask: Do parents have to confront this kind of situations nowadays?... (Read more)

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