Juan Alberto Aragón-Correa


About Alberto


J. Alberto Aragón-Correa is Professor of Strategic Management at University of Granada (Spain). Prof. Aragón-Correa is also the Director of the ISDE Research Group –Innovation, Sustainability, and Development- at University of Granada. The ISDE Research Group includes 25 full time scholars and it is one of the most productive research groups in Europe in the field of management and sustainability.  He has been Visiting Professor (or Guest Scholar) in different top international universities, such as University of California at Berkeley (USA), University of California at Los Angeles (USA), or ETH-Zurich (Switzerland).

Alberto has published multiple works in different top tier journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, British Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, California Management Review, Journal of Business Research, Ecological Economics, and Sustainable Development, among others.  Additionally, he has published multiple books and chapter of books (in English and also in Spanish) regarding corporations and sustainable development.

His topics of interests are the connections between corporate strategic management and environmental management, the stakeholders’ management, and the analysis of the organizational and regional innovation related to sustainability. Prof. Andy Hoffmann (U. of Michigan) has selected two of the Alberto’s works among the “seminal works” in the field of business and natural environment by received citations.

Alberto is the co-editor (with Prof. Mark Starik, San Francisco State U.) of the Organization & Environment journal (Sage). Besides, he is one of the co-editors (with Prof. Jorge Rivera, George Washington U.) of the Cambridge’s Book Series on “Organizations and the Natural Environment” and of the Edward Elgar’s Book Series on “Business and Sustainability”. He also collaborates as reviewer with multiple international journals and he is a member of several editorial boards. Additionally, he is the Program Chair of the Academy of Management’s Organizations and Natural Environment Division (the fastest growing division of the Academy of Management).

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Professor Aragon-Correa is also serving as Director of the Master of Science Program “Economics and Management” (awarded with “Quality Mention” by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education), and as Director of the Executive Master “Management of the Tourism Industry” at University of Granada. Before he has been Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Business at University of Granada for six years and Director of the Management Department for two years.

As founding member and research coordinator of the Group of Research on Organizations and Natural Environment (GRONEN), a network of European and American scholars focused on environmental research, he actively works to establish corporate sustainability as a field of scholarship and promote international collaboration between scholars and environmental experts. He actively participates in several publishers’ initiatives in collaboration with Gronen.

Professor Aragón-Correa has been actively involved in research mentoring and evaluation of projects for many years. He has been supervisor of seven PhD dissertations (all of them awarded with “Cum Laude” distinction), Coordinator of different PhD Programs at University of Granada, and Guest Speaker for multiple doctoral courses all around the world. Alberto has collaborated with the Research Grants Adjudication Committee of the Spanish Ministry of Education. He is a member of the pool of experts evaluating the FP7 Research Program of the European Union, and a regular collaborator of different national and regional governments.

Prof. Aragón-Correa has consulted for different government agencies and private companies leading different teams of experts to promote the development of sustainable projects and regional development. In this context, Alberto has worked in multiple projects, contracts, and courses all around the world (including among others: Argentine, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, or USA).

Finally, Prof. Aragón-Correa has received several research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Spain. He has also received several research and academic awards from the Regional Government of Andalucia and the University of Granada. Alberto’s papers have been nominated twice for the Carolyn Dexter Award in the Academy of Management Meetings.