In the Bonachela Lab, we study how ecology and evolution, and interactions between them, shape the emergent response of individuals, populations, and communities to environmental change. We are interested in a wide range of complex biological systems and therefore study a variety of responses, from physiological acclimation to spatio-temporal patterns.

The lab and our collaborative network use models and empirical work to develop and test theories of biological organization across space and time. Thanks to our diverse background, we like to look at biological problems from different perspectives. To this end, we use a multidisciplinary approach that combines biology, mathematics, physics, and computational methods.
You can find some of the topics we work on by clicking on the Research tab, where we describe our active projects and provide links to the websites of our collaborators. If you want to join us in any of the topics described on this webpage, or want to propose any new direction, please take a look at the Opportunities and/or Contact sections.