co-located with

The 24th International Conference
on Advanced Information Systems Engineering(CAiSE'12)

June 25-29, 2012, Gdańsk, Poland

Full paper submission due by: March 11th, 2012


  Far from being residual in its importance, Systems and Software Architectures prevail as a touchtone for many System and Software Engineering (SSE) projects in achieving a certain level of quality. The successive emergence of new technologies and computation paradigms, and the advent of new development approaches, such as Cloud Computing, Model and Ontology driven Engineering, Lean Software Development, Agile, etc., to mention a few, lend new opportunities for academicians, practitioners and even politicians to steadily strive to come up with new system designs or even revisit old ones. In this context, service oriented and/or service-driven architectures are gaining momentum within the SSE community in recent years and even changing the way in which system operation is conceived. Indeed, thinking of services almost means not developing any more, but orchestrating and choreographing functionalities developed in the past through well-defined interfaces. Interoperability, heterogeneity, etc. are commonplaces in this context. IWSSA workshop specially focuses on the enactment/connection of the different kinds of system and software requirements into/to concrete design issues (decisions, guidelines, paradigms, etc.) for system/software architectures. In particular, the workshop stresses the importance of non-functional requirements analysis for successful architectural designs. This year, particular attention will be put on the satisfaction of requirements in service-oriented systems. Techniques, methodologies and processes to address this issue will be presented and discussed at the workshop.

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