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Our research group is interested in different topics of Evolutionary Ecology, focused on Mediterranean fauna. Mainly, we combine fieldwork and biochemical, immunological, and genetic analyses to study processes of local adaptation, life-history evolution, and the evolution of animal communication.

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Last publications

MIZUTAMA: A quick, easy, and accurate method for counting erythrocytes

Participation of the research group in the Panel for the conservation of the Iberian Gray Shrike

New project! Our research group has been granted with a project from the Spanish National Research Plan, entitled "The impact of parasites on the evolution of parent-offspring communication".

Breeding Biology of Montagu's Harrier Circus pygargus in South-Eastern Spain

Prey availability, prey selection, and trophic niche width in the lizard Psammodromus algirus along an elevational gradient

Opposed elevational variation in prevalence and intensity of endoparasites and their vectors in a lizard




Dr. Gregorio Moreno-Rueda (Lab Head)

gmr (at) ugr.es