Grupo de Modelización y Diseño Molecular
Dpto. Química Orgánica

Visits since July 2003. (See Statistics)

The GMDM group was founded by Professor José Molina Molina in 1990 as a result of Junta Andalucia Finantial support to research groups (FQM-0174). We are a multidisciplinar research group, covering both Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry areas.

The main research lines of the GMDM group, in short, are: Development of software tools (java) for molecular modeling, Quantum chemistry calculations of carbon nanotubes, Characterizaton of chemical bonding nature, Virtual screening-docking for drug design, Organic synthesis.


Postal Address:
Dpto. Quimica Organica//Facultad de Ciencias//Universidad de Granada//18071-Granada (Spain)
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