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Sociocultural Aspects in TEFL


Language and culture are intimately linked in multiple and complex ways. For that reason, a language teacher is also a "culture teacher". In this course not only will you learn about the "culture" of English-speaking countries but also about interculturality and how to integrate culture in language teaching. This is the study programme.


Basic Definitions. The Cultural Competence

Defining Culture is not an easy task. Precisely, your first activity is to read the article at the Wikipedia about Culture and then prepare a poster in which you show the complexity of culture (different definitions, elements, perspectives, etc.)

Then, you can read these two definitions; we will assume them as our "working definitions":

Finally, if you could read these two articles concerning Culture and Education as an introduction to the following unit:

The LEA Project (ECML, Council of Europe, Graz) has designed activities to reflect on identity and culture. Have a look at them


Teaching Culture in TEFL

Find here some readings about Teaching Culture in TEFL..


English in the world

Find here some readings about English in the world.


Life in English Speaking Countries

Find here some readings about life in English-speaking countries.

I invite you to choose one of the first three topics, read about them and build a Trivial game using Trivionomy. It can be a funny experience!


Great Britain and Ireland

Find here some readings about Great Britain and Ireland.


The United States of America

Find here some readings about the United States of America.


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