Departamento de Arquitectura y Tenología de Computadores

Research Projects

We have participated actively in several EU and nacional grants.

* EU FP7:
TOMSY: Topology based Motion SYnthesis for dexterous manipulation. (FP7-270436) (2011-2014) More details:

REALNET: Realistic Real-time Networks: computation dynamics in the cerebellum. (FP7-270434) (2011-2014) More details:

* EU FP6:
DRIVSCO: Learning to emulate perception action cycles in a driving school scenario (IST-016276-2) (2006-2009) More details:

SENSOPAC: Sensory motor structuring of perception and action for emerging cognition (IST-028056) (2006-2009) More details:

* EU FP5:
SpikeFORCE: Real-Time Spiking Networks for Robot Control (IST-2001-35271) (2002-2005) More Details:

ECOVISION: Artificial Vision Systems based on early cognitive cortical processing (IST-2001-32114) (2002-2004) More details:

* Recent National and Regional Projects:
* National Project:
ARC-VISION: Arquitecturas de computación de propósito específico para percepción visual en tiempo real. Implementación on-chip. (TEC2010-15396) (2010-2013)
* Regional Projects:
ITREBA: Procesamiento de Imagen/video en Tiempo Real para Exploración Biomédica Activa (TIC-5060) More details:

MULTIVISION: Sistema de visión en tiempo real multi-cámara para interpretación de escenas (TIC-3873) More details: