Microbial Exopolysaccharides
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Microbiology DepartmentFaculty of Pharmacy

Fotos CVI-188


Senior Researcher: Dra. Emilia Quesada Arroquia

The “Microbial Exopolysaccharide” research group (BIO 188) of the Council for Research, Innovation and Business of the Andalucian Regional Government is made up of 12 researchers, 10 of whom are Ph.Ds.


Our main lines of research are: biodiversity in hypersaline environments; taxonomic characterization of halophilic micro-organisms; microbial exopolysaccharides; the study of intercellular communication systems in halophilic bacteria (Quorum sensing) and virulence control of marine pathogens with the use of bacteria which interrupt cellular communication (Quorum quenching).


At present we are developing three research projects, one of the National R&D Plan and two of the Andulcian Regional Government’ s Excellence Plan.


We work together with teams from the University of Granada, including Dr. Ignacio Molina´s research group of the Immunology Department in the University of Granada, and others such as the Fundación Centro de Excelencia en Investigación de Medicamentos Innovadores de Andalucía (Fundación MEDINA), teams from the University of Sevilla and Miguel Hernández (Alicante) lead by Dr. A. Ventosa and Dr. F. Rodríguez-Valera, respectively, as well as other foreign groups (the Applied Microbiology and Biochemistry Laboratory of the ENITAB in Bordeaux; The Molecular and Cell Biology Department the University of Texas in Dallas).


We also collaborate with the UBAGO company of the Mare group involved in the food industry (www.ubagogroup.com), and the Lubrizol-Lipotec company (www.lipotec.com) from the cosmetic industry sector.

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