European Integration and Globalization


    The Centre involves a Worldwide net of researchers from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, China, among other countries. Some of them are holder of Jean Monnet Modules and have a high degree of specialization in European studies. This scientific net is especially suitable to European studies on the context of the globalization because allow us a comparative profile on our research that is more and more necessary. This researchers' net have been integrated trough a particular relation with Universities from other countries: University of Lisbon, Universities La Sapienza (Faculties of Law, Economy and Political Science) and Tor Vergata in Rom, University of São Paulo in Brazil among many others, and with other Research Centers depending of institutions in Mexico City, Lima, Brasilia or Moscow.




Angelo Schillaci (Italy)

Mariana Rodrigues Canotilho (Portugal)

Augusto Aguilar Calahorro (Spain)

Hugo Cesar Gusmão (Brazil)

Cristina Elías Mendez (Spain)

Javier Espinoza de los Monteros (Mexico)

Valentina Faggiani (Spain)

Sabrina Ragone (Italy)

Elena Rafalyuk (Russia)

Arianna Cascelli (Italiy)

Anna Margherita Russo (Italy)

Oliver Bleisteiner (Germany)

Greta Massa Gallerano (Italy) Cláudia Perotto Biagi (Brazil) Marina Salvetti (Italy)

Karen Añaños Bedriñana (Peru)

Fausto Vecchio (Italy)

Carolina Canales Cama (Peru)

Andrea Romano (Italy)

Lilja Björk Guðmundsdótti (Iceland)

Filippo Scuto (Italy)

Oksana Rafalyuk (Russia)

Francisco Bombillar (Spain) Tommaso Poli (Italy)

María Rita Magnotta (Italy) Claudio Arrepol (Chile)

Maria Daniela Poli (Italy)

Helen Kerr (Ireland)
Cristina Monereo Atienza(Spain)

Laura Frosina (Italy)

Carolina Serrano Falcón (Spain) Montserrat Fernández (Mexico) Zhenyan Xi (China)

Belén López Insua (Spain)

Yan Tianqin (China)

Katia Blairon (France)