European Integration and Globalization


Ei&G is a multidisciplinary centre of research, teaching and debating on European integration and Globalization with special attention to the problems of the European integration derived of the current economic crisis in a flexible framework of activities. A multidisciplinary centre that combines research and teaching to promote European integration in a context of globalization and economic crisis.

Our previous experiences had contributed to shape our specific way of working in the field of European integration, which could be synthesized with the word “openness”: openness to a pluralistic approach with contributions from many fields of knowledge, openness to multicultural and pluralistic perspectives and openness to a worldwide contributions of Europeans and non-Europeans in the context of globalization.


The methodological orientation our activities has to do with the research that we have been developing and teaching in the last ten years. We do not establish a rigid frontier between European problems and national problems. We have tried to introduce in our research and teaching a more complex profile analyzing always the interaction and dialectical relationship among all levels and spaces. In the specific field of the political integration we have incorporated that methodological approach in all our activities.