Francisco Balaguer Callejón


Chair Jean Monnet ad personam

European Constitutional Law and Globalization

University of Granada press release communicating the grant of a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam of European Constitutional Law and Globalization

(Published on university website and different media outlets in October 2010)


Professor Francisco Balaguer Callejón from the University of Granada receives a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam from the European Commission


•  Professor of Constitutional Law Francisco Balaguer Callejón, previously received another Jean Monnet Chair in 2004.

•  A total of five Jean Monnet Chairs have now been granted to professors at the University of Granada.

•  In this last call, the European Commission granted a total of 17 Jean Monnet Chairs “ad personam” distributed within ten countries on three continents - Europe, America and Asia.


The European Commission has recently granted a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam to Francisco Balaguer Callejón, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Granada.

The Jean Monnet Chair ad personam is an expression of specific recognition to a University professor that the European Union grants in the framework of the Jean Monnet Action, designed by the European Commission “to increase knowledge and awareness about European integration by promoting teaching, research and debate (relevant subjects include the EU's relations with other regions in the world and the dialogue between peoples and cultures)”.

The new Chair ad personam distinguishes Professor Francisco Balaguer as a Jean Monnet Professor and is an acknowledgement of his high-level international recognition obtained through research and teaching activities reflected in the delivery of conferences, courses and lectures outside of Spain and the high number of scientific publications in other countries. Professor Balaguer has published more than 200 scientific papers and has given conferences and courses in 10 countries. This past academic year alone, in cities like London, Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, Brasilia, among other places.

The Jean Monnet Chair ad personam of Francisco Balaguer Callejón will develop its activities on “European Constitutional Law and Globalization”. This will allow him to organize conferences, seminaries and courses at the University of Granada in order to promote the publication of scientific research related to the processes of supranational integration in the context of globalization and to encourage scientific cooperation on related issues, especially among jurists of the European Union and Latin America.


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