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SMP. Technical information

  Version: 2.1  (2000)  
  Authors:  Silvia Mato
 A. Martín Andrés
  Download: File name: SMP.EXE  
File size: 70 Kb
File type: executable



The program provides the unconditional p-value for comparing two independent binomial proportions. 

If  xi ~ B(ni; pi),  i=1,2, the aim is to test: 
       Ho º  p1=p2  (= p unknown) 
       vs Ha º p1<p2  or  Ha º p1>p2   (one tail) 
       or vs Ha º p1 ¹ p2 (two tails) 

Under Ho:  P(x1, x2 | n1, n2, p)= C(n1, x1) C(n2, x2) p^a1 (1-p)^a2 with a1 = x1+x2 and a2= n1+n2-a1. For a target error a the critical region is a set, CR, of pairs (x1, x2); so the error a is:  a(p) = åCR P(x1, x2 | n1, n2, p) and the size of the test will be: a* = Max a(p) in  0<p<1 

This program compute that expression for different optimal procedures for obtaining the CR. 

The one-sided Ha considered is that indicate by the data: 

Ha º p1< p2  if  x1/n1 < x2/n2



   For further details see:

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