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  • Last updated on July the 28th of 2022



Electronics, Neuroengineering, signal processing and Mobile Applications are the main pillars of The NeuroEngineering and Computing Lab (CITIC-UGR). The use of new technologies related to IoT and electronics intregration bring us the opportunity to develop and adapt clasical psychophysiological paradigms for Real-time applications non-restricted to isolated labs. For the near future, we foresee the use of smart bidirecctional neurodevices for the cloud-computing of cerebral activity. New Close-loop designs with interactive and ubiquous services will enable new neuro-paradigms and approaches: The vision pathway will not be any more the only window to the brain.


BCI - Neurometry - Virtual Reality - Biosignal processing - Electronics


Computational neuroscience

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Electronic Design and wearables