Agustín Ruiz Robledo


Agustín Ruiz Robledo is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Granada. He has combined his teaching work with other legal activities; he was a supplementary Magistrate in the Provincial High Court of Granada (1988-1991), Consultant to UNO (Chile, December 1989), and has been Director of the Analysis Advisory Council of the Presidency of the Andalusian Parliament (1996-2004). He has also taken courses in Business Studies and has a Diploma in Business Planning from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has widened his studies and research in several centres outside Spain (the Universities of Montreal, London, Florence and Bayreuth, amongst others). He was Visiting Academic Professor at University College Dublin in 2011-2012 and 2019. He has published more than 120 works on his speciality, published in Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Colombia. Among the most important of his books being El Estado autonómico, El ordenamiento jurídico andaluz, El derecho fundamental a la legalidad punitiva, Constitutional Law of Spain, Subnational Constitutional Law in Spain and La mirada de Argos: Pequeño tratado constitucional de política español. He has taken part in a considerable number of national and international conferences, speaking on his special topics, especially in the Constituent Assemblies of Bolivia and Nepal. In addition, he is a regulate contributor to the radio and the newspaper El País, the most widely read and influential newspaper in Spain.