Interesting Computer Projects

In this page I keep together my links to projects I find interesting and I like to follow how they develop. As you can deduce from my collection of links, I'm very much interested in small Operating Systems (recovering old hardware) and One-Floppy-OS Projects (making terminals, routers, etc. cheap and easy to set up and maintain). If you know similar projects, please, let me know.

If you find some useful information here, donate:

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Floppy-based Linux Distributions

  • Linux Router Project (LRP). A networking-centric micro-distribution of Linux: Official site | c0wz | Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall | Steinkuehler's LRP Site | Plain | Oxygen | Coyote Linux | Monkeynoodle
  • 2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux (Current version takes only 1 floppy!
  • muLinux | NevaLabs Mirror
  • Floppy ISDN fuer Linux
  • Linux Thin Client Project [Dead link]
  • DLX
  • HAL91
  • WormHole [Dead]
  • LOAF "Linux On A Floppy"
  • LODS (Linux-One-Disk-Svncviewer Floppy Disk)
  • tomsrtbt "The most Linux on 1 floppy disk"
  • PiTuX - micro serial terminal distro
  • ODL StoNe and One-Disk-Linux HowTo [spanish]
  • Xdenu "Linux with X in two floppies"
  • Trinux & uTrinux
  • Trinux "Linux Security Toolkit"
  • EmbLin | sMultiTA
  • Pocket Linux
  • aLinux (asmutils based)
  • floppyfw
  • CClinux "The minimal linux distribution"
  • HVLinux
  • bootE Linux
  • giotto
  • LSD "Linux & Squid on a Diskette"
  • Brutalware
  • nanobox Linux
  • Ulric's Router Construction Kit
  • RIMBoy's RIMDistro's
  • Floppix "Linux on two floppies"
  • LIAP "Linux in a Pillbox"
  • NucLinux
  • The Linux/Neptune Distribution
  • AtomicRTAI
  • S.M.A.R.T. Linux
  • Alcolix (two floppies)
  • Keeper Linux (two floppies)
  • BG-Rescue Linux (two floppies)
  • Fluf "Linux na jednu disketu"
  • RIMiRadio
  • [COM] GNAT Box
  • [COM] ShareTheNet

    Small Linux distributions

    Suited for old hardware and/or embeded devices.
  • Tiny Linux (derived from SuSE 6.4)
  • Pklinux Mini (~2.5 MB) & Bigi (~25.1 MB) versions.
  • Repairlix (12MB of media)
  • Deli Linux (DEsktop LIght Linux)
  • emdebian
  • DietLinux
  • PXES linux thin client
  • Thinstation
    Cool: BarbieOS

    RAM distributions

    Puppy Linux (48-54MB ramdisk)

    UMSDOS Distributions


    USB distributions

    Linux Mobile System

    CD-Live distributions

    DamnSmallLinux (Business card CD) Bloody Stupid Linux (50MB) Local Area Security Linux (200MB mini CD) Knoppix Flonix (also USB Edition) Morphix Feather Linux (Knoppix remaster) Arudius (Focussed on security) Pilot Linux (Client for MS terminal server) Eagle Linux

    Small libraries and other tools

    uClibc diet libc (fefe)
    BusyBox asmutils TinyLogin



    Other Small Operating System Distributions

  • Small FreeBSD: PicoBSD, TinyWare, "Small is beautifull..."

    Small software

  • Minimo (Mini Mozilla)

    Tools and links to sites containing tools and floppy images

  • Super Grub 2 Disk 1.98s1 (Alas, newer versions don't provide single 1.44MB floppy images).
  • Yard
  • Small Linux - Alt
  • PeeWeeLinux "A Small Linux Distribution for Embedded Aplications"
  • Mindi Linux
  • Rescue disk images and tools for creating rescue disks
  • Mini UNIX Distributions
  • floppy distributions

    Netbooting Diskless Systems and Thin Clients

  • Netboot
  • EtherBoot
  • NILO
  • REMBO Project: Remotely Manageable Boot Operations
  • Linux Terminal Server Project
  • NetStation
  • [DOC] NFS-Root Mini-Howto
  • [DOC] NFS-Roor-Client Mini-Howto

    Small User Graphic Interfaces

  • The MGR Window System
  • W window system
  • NanoGUI and Microwindows
  • MiniGUI
  • PicoGUI
  • OpenGUI

    Other Small Resources Sites

    Compact Linux (Linux Addict)



    Other OS sites

  • The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
  • Operating Systems Project Information
  • Review of Operating Systems
  • Starshine: Operating Systems
  • UC Free Operating Systems User Group
  • IndexOS: The Index of Alternative Operating Systems
  • Freebyte's Guide to Free and Other Operating Systems
  • Real-time Operatin Systems
  • UNIX and UNIX-like Operating Systems for PCs and Macs
  • Guide to Free Operating System Kernels [broken?]
  • Free Operating Systems Links [dessapeared?]

    Other interesting links OS related

  • SourceForge "Breaking Down The Barriers to Open Source Development"
  • OS News: Exploring the Future of Computing
  • Linux Online - Ongoing Projects
  • FAI "Fully Automatic Installation"

    Embedded Linux Links

  • The Embedded Linux Consortium
  • Embedded Linux StarGate
  • The Embedded Linux Portal
  • Micro Unicess "An Open Forum for Tiny Distributions"
  • CD-Based Linux Distros
  • Open Directory: Floppy Sized Linux Distributions
  • Embedded and Real Time Systems

    Projects in which I am somehow involved

  • svncv package for Linux Router Project (LRP)

    I would like...

    (ideas about things I would like to do or see done)

  • see a one-floppy system based on Linux (ELKS?) including a GUI (X or perhaps W) ath the syle of QNX.

  • know something about Xenix operating system and whether it's still possible to get Xenix and Coherent somewhere.

  • get a UN!X like operating system (with network support) finally runing in my 286 with 640Kb of RAM and 30MB HD box... I was never able to get Minix runing on it :(

  • drive a Porsche 911 Carrera... but I'm afraid that's something a bit out of the main topic here and of the question for my pocket :(

    Operating Systems


  • Linux
  • Hurd
  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Inferno
  • EROS
  • OpenBeOS
  • Freedows
  • ReactOS
  • Coherent
  • [COM] QNX

  • Xinu
  • Plan9
  • SkyOS
  • Oberon
  • BRiX
  • Odin
  • NewOS
  • Unununium
  • RadiOS
  • Visopsys
  • VSTa

    8086 & 286

  • ELKS
  • Minix (

    Low Memory PCs

  • Linux-Lite

    8bits computers

  • LUnix (Mirror)
  • OS/A65 'GeckOS'

    Distributed Systems

  • Amoeba
  • Paramecium


  • plex86
  • bochs
  • DOSbox
  • [COM] VMWare


  • openMosix
  • Beowulf
  • Mosix