Andalusian Institute of Geophysics & Prevention of Seismic Disasters

Andalusian Institute of Geophysics & Prevention of Seismic Disasters


The Andalusian Institute of Geophysics and Prevention of Seismic Disasters conducts world-class research in seismology, source monitoring mechanisms, seismic amplification, attenuation, temporal and spatial evolution of seismic activity, and volcanic seismology.

At the Institute, we develop seismic equipment and instrumentation, establishing both permanent and temporary seismic monitoring stations. One of our key objectives at the Institute is to prevent risks related to seismic activity, and to prevent human disasters. We also explore the history of the discipline of seismology, and carry out geophysical prospecting.

Additionally, we work intensively in the field of applied geophysics, conducting contracted research (in collaboration with the International Projects Office or OTRI) in the following areas: civil engineering, archaeology and patrimony, natural resources, environmental projects, geology, and seismic engineering.

We are also the founders of the Andalusian Seismic Network. We regularly provide the Andalusian Civil Protection Service with relevant, up-to-date information.

To find out more, and to learn more about our current activities, research groups, and upcoming events, please visit The Andalusian Geophysical and Disaster Prevention Institute Homepage